Its a Team Challenge at Westcliff

Children at Westcliff Primary school recently took part in a Team Challenge designed to develop communication skills  while teaching the importance of teamwork.

The challenge, which took place over 5 lunchtimes, was provided by Leon Brown from the Teenbridge Project. Leon also runs the Hole in the Wall Youth Centre in Dawlish.

The team needed to work together to complete a series of tasks to discover a positive message. Activities included  a relay race, a message hunt, a hockey dribble relay, puzzles and memory games. After each task the children chose from a selection of skills cards to identify the skills they used during each task. The also gave each other positive and constructive feedback about personal and team skills – definitely part of the challenge!

At the end we asked the children to score the Team Challenge out of 10, one scored 8, one scored 9 and the remaining 7 gave it 10 out of 10!

Barbara Capper, Head Teacher said “The children really enjoyed the challenge and got a lot out of it, we are hoping to do it again in the future.”

This project was funded by Don’t Stop Me Now.Don't Stop Me Now

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