Making the Transition!

SOS Global and Pupils from Westcliff Primary School have successfully completed Making the Transition.

The project was designed to allow pupils to consider potential problem areas in a controlled and safe environment at their own level and identify through group discussion how they could combat any dangers, help others or avoid certain situations.

The impact was also sustained by allowing them to see how their decision making could affect others and also the reasoning behind adult responses to various situations.

Each workshop was very interactive with plenty of role play. Pupils were enthusiastic and over the period of the project developed the confidence to discuss potentially difficult situations.

This film trailer is based on a video made of the project which is available to parents at Westcliff. It’s brief but gives you an idea of what was involved!

The units were delivered over a period of several weeks, and included:

  • Unit 1 – Keeping Safe,
  • Unit 2 – Not Harming your Body,
  • Unit 3 – Cyber Bullying
  • Unit 4 – Respecting your Body
  • Unit 5 – Healthy Relationships
  • Unit 6 – Resisting Peer Pressure

For further information contact Barbara Capper, Head Teacher at Westcliff School, or Dawn Dimes CEO at SOS Global.
Email Dawn Here
SOS Website Here

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