This SENCo meeting is aimed at all Special Educational Needs Coordinators from across the Partnership and will be led by Sam Gilronan from Exminster Primary School.

Sam will cover P level moderation and be taking a look at the Green Paper.

Date and Time: Wednesday 15th June 2011 4.15 pm – 5.15 pm

Venue: Gatehouse Primary School, Secmaton Lane, Dawlish

Cost: Free

Please leave us a reply below with your name and school details to reserve your place at this workshop.

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10 Responses to “SENCo CPD”

  1. susan desborough says:

    will be attending the senco meeting x

  2. Judith Watson says:

    Will be there, thnx. Judith Watson, Starcross

  3. Amanda Somerwill says:

    I would like to attend the SENCo training please. Amanda Somerwill, Kenton

  4. Julia Elston says:

    Will be attending from Cockwood Primary

  5. Tina Roberts says:

    I will be attending
    Exminster Primary School

  6. Sarah Phillips says:

    I will be attending
    Exminster Primary School

  7. Beverley Morgan says:

    I will be attending
    Exminster primary School

  8. Bob Foale says:

    I will be attending
    Exminster Primary School

  9. Bridget Oliver says:

    I will be attending
    Exminster Primary School

  10. Bridget Oliver says:

    The following will be attending from Exminster:-

    Claire Madge
    Katie Pyne