Shared School Policies

There are some areas where a policy is agreed that applies to a number of the schools withing the Dawlish Learning Partnership, and in some cases, to all of them.

This can be really helpful to both children and parents when children move between schools, or where children are attending different schools.

School Admissions

All Primary Schools will offer a  single offer point from September 2011. Parents and carers will be able to choose from these options;

  • Your child attends school full time straight away from September in the Reception Class
  • Your child attends school part time for between 15-21 hours a week including lunch and break times for the Autumn Term, and full time from the Spring Term after that
  • Your child attends an early years setting for up to 15 hours a week until the term after their fifth birthday.

If you choose for your 4 year old to stay in an early years setting, they are entitled to up to 15 funded hours which will continue until the term after their 5th birthday. This option could mean that your child misses Reception class and goes straight to Year 1.

Each school may provide afternoons or mornings as their part-time offer, however, once a decision has been made you will be expected to adhere to it.

If you need advice on applying for a place, then please contact Devon County Council on 08451551019, or you can check their website here where further information is available. Alternatively, please contact your local school, where they will be able to offer advice and do there best to help you choose the best option for your child.

Use of media containing ‘people/children’ images for DLP Publicity Purposes.


Schools responsibility.

  • Schools will maintain a current list of children, staff or parents who can not have their images used for publicity or training purposes.
  • Schools will ensure that prohibited people/children do not appear on visual media posted on their website nor will they be shared with the DLP Office to post on either their school or DLP websites.

Schools and DLP Responsibility.

  • Childrens names will not normally be used. This includes posts, pages and also comments made by parents and children. An exception could be a secondary child whose name has also appeared in the public media in connection with an award or achievement.

DLP Responsibility.

  • Where media images are obtained by DLP staff directly, either taken by DLP staff or supplied to DLP by parents, DLP will seek the advice of schools in line with the arrangements above.
  • Any original material submitted to DLP, including text, photos or video, remains the property of the submitter but can be used at any time by DLP for any informational or promotional purposes.

Flexible Learning Statement

Schools across the Dawlish Learning Partnership believe that consistency is a key element in attaining excellence for our children – consistent approach to learning and teaching being part of this.

To this end we have agreed that Headteachers will only consider requests for flexible learning i.e. part time home learning or learning in an alternative setting outside of mainstream settings when there is a specific medical or behavioural need linked to this and recommended for the child by professionals.

Equality Act

View the Dawlish Learning Partnership Equality Act here.

Other Partnership wide policies under consideration include, shared Teacher INSET/CPD training days, common term dates and dates for additional days and childrens time off for family holidays. This will be done in consultation with school governors and parents.